Monday, April 20, 2009


What does wearing a cross mean to you?


  1. What does wearing a cross mean to me? Well, let's see if I can explain it right cause I'm sure it means different things to different people.

    To me, it's a visual and daily reminder of what Jesus went through for each of my sins commited. It is where Jesus Atoned for my sins and the fact that He went through so pain for *me* is something that I will always cherish. The object that I wear around my neck in the form of a necklace or as earings in my ears is not what saves me, nor do I worship these objects. But when Jesus sacrificed His sinless life for me, he died in my place, willing and He had proir knowedge of *everything* that was going to happen to Him and also *everything* that I was going to do. He saw my sins and deemed *me* worthy (unbelievable that *I* would be deemed worthy) of His suffering and dying just so that I canhave a relationship with Him. While wearing a wearing a gild ring with a diamond in it on my left ring finger doesn't mean that I am married, my wedding ring is a symbol of my love and my commitment to my husband and it is an outward symbol to others that I am indeed married. The same holds true of me whenever I wear a cross. While wearing a cross does not make you a Christian, it is an outside symbol that I, personally, am a Christian. You don't have to wear a wedding ring to be married (If something happened to my wedding ring and I lost it, I would still be married), but I wear mine and I don't ever take it off. You don't have to be a Christian to wear a cross, but I wear a cross everyday and there is one cross that I don't take off. It's just an outward symbol of my faith and my personal relationship with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

    I wish to point to out that I am not the only one that Jesus suffered and died for. He did this for all of the Human race. You asked about what wearing a cross for me and for me wearing a cross isn't what about Jesus did for everyone else, but what He did for *me* personaly. But while Jesus died for *everyone* who has ever lived or ever will live, you have to accept Him in this life. The only ones who were able to go to Heaven without "accepting" Him in this life were the people who died before His sacrafice, even then if they believed in God's Word and what He said about the coming Messiah (Adam, Eve, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Maruim, Arron, Samuel, Debrah, Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, Ester, David, Samson, Daniel, Isiah, etc. And not only these prophets and famous people of the Bible, but the lay people as well.), then they were taken up to Heaven sometime after Jesus's sacrifce on the cross and His assention into Heaven. I'm unclear on the timeframe and since it does not pertain to me, it's not something that I have tried to pinpoint.

    I hope that this helps you to understand a little bit better about why some Christians wear a cross or in some cases, crosses. :-)



  2. I do have a couple of necklaces that I wear that have crosses on them. The cross serves as a reminder of who I am and what Jesus did on the cross. The cross reminds me that I am to be faithful to Him in my daily life, and that He made the ultimate sacrifice for me. The cross is a symbol of faith and love, and is not worshiped by Christians. It serves as a reminder, like temple garments are a reminder for you, that I have made a commitment to follow Christ.